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Going Away

by Kraków Street Band

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Robert Wolk
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Robert Wolk The most exciting record of this year so far. Can’t stop listening to it. And it get better and better every time I play it. Fantastic!!!
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Going Away 03:45
My head is heavy but my mind is clear and bright The road ahead is dark but my heart is full of light It never felt so bad to do just what is right I guess it's time to close the door behind I have no worries and I got no grudge to hold The wisdom I once had is getting much too old It never was my style to do just what I'm told I guess it's time to close the door behind I'm going away now, never coming back All out of money, running short on luck I'm going away boys, ain't gonna take no one This time I just wanna be left alone Ain't no one in this town that I could call my friend And I know there ain't much waiting at the end Why is it so hard to ditch what you can't mend? I guess it's time to close the door behind
Have you ever wondered how many arrows were shot at the moon? Cause from here it looks like it's painfully near Tie a rope around it, climb up and enjoy the view From a distance it might be easier to bear And I know there is no answer The wheels are spinning The cards have been dealt so long ago But the game is only beginning And have you worried how many bullets we still have to shoot Before we run out of targets to kill? The monuments we raised are destined to fall And we're blaming each other still Since the moon is still way out of reach And we seem to have nowhere to go Let's go find a spot, somewhere on a rooftop And enjoy the show!
Fluke 04:18
I wanna be a part of your success story I'll figure it out, so you don't have to worry I've been crossing the same river, over and over again The flow keeps pushing me back to where I began Oh, it's a crazy ride And it only lasts a blink of an eye It's sold out And we only get to ride it just one time It won't be long till I'm outta here Gotta move on, ain't got no time to spare There's so much I wanna do before I go I won't be getting chances when I go down below The stars don't care about me and you Won't cease to shine long after we're through All the planets have been dancing for millions of years And they will keep on dancing when we're all out of here
The time that I spent running from you Left me much too far behind The fear in my head's been blocking my view Of the things I've been trying to find I've been running along all the wrong tracks Sniffin' around for love But the scent that I felt each time you came round Left a memory I can't get rid of That girl is lying next to me, but she doesn't really have a clue That even when she touches me I'm wishing that was you Her fingers are like needles to me, and her kisses are so cold I know I'll have to break her heart, though I know it's made of gold I've been tossing around for hours on end Feels like I'm losing control It's so hard to resist tracking you down So hard to let it go I've been chasing my tail, I've been looking for clues Sniffin' around for love And though every time I'm losing your trace I keep trying on and on
Photograph 06:55
I found your photograph In the silver web And the verses that you wrote Echoed inside my head And I think I heard your voice In the back of my mind Felt like you blaming me again For leaving us behind And I wonder, if you get this feeling too Do you ever think of me the way I think of you? The looks you used to throw at me Oh I wish I had more I've had plenty since I left But they don't last too long I used to think we'd endure Like letters carved in stone I can see your face on paper But the memory is gone And I wonder, if you get this feeling too Do you ever think of me the way I think of you? I can't say I miss you, babe, I'm fine the way it goes But nights like this I wish I could feel that breeze once more
If I could fall in love again, I'd fall in love with you No matter how we try, we both know it won't do Cause you see I left my heart down at the wrong door And when I came back lookin' it wasn't there no more I know it's a delicate matter And I'm trying hard I'm sure we could get along better If you were the one You can come over if you please, but I ain't gonna make you stay I know that nothing will change, it will stay so either way And I hope that you don't mind me missing you tonight But I ain't gonna lie that everything's gonna be fine
I wish I had the guts to tell you how I feel It's easy not to show it in gestures you can't see The longer I don't see you, your image's getting dim Used to be so vivid, now it seems so frail to me When I finally see you, you act like it's all fine But I think there is a shadow underneath your smile And if I try to tell you, I know that you'll get scared So I try to hold it in, for as long as it can wait As hours become days, and days grow into weeks The flame you've brought to life so slowly disappears The question that I never ask weighs heavy on my heart And you remain silent, for as long as we're apart I knew that there was something strange about you when we met The way you said you could not sleep I just can't forget I'm sure that at some point you'll try to let it go And my only hope is that you'll prove me wrong
It's been seven years already Since you left me at your door And you rushed out to a different town That you never seen before And I think I'm done forgetting All the moments that we shared And I think I'm finally over You and your evil ways And I've learned to be happy without you Got a plan that will work for me, too But Lord it won't keep me from thinking How happy I could be with you Suddenly you're back again With the same look on your face In your eyes I clearly see All my efforts go to waste And I'm trying to resist But I know there is no use I'm playing the same game And I know that I'm bound to lose I've been losing my mind for you baby But I've found it and I'm gonna make use I'm tired of tearing my heart out for you God knows I got nothing to prove
The Catch 04:54
I ain't much of a dancer, but I'd kill to get one dance I'm not too good with poetry, I got a thing for romance The way you look at me leaves my heart meltin' away Twenty dozen soldiers couldn't block me on my way! You look so good, there's gotta be a catch Ain't no way that we could ever be a match You're swirling like a sailboat, I'm acting like a fool I'm losing my senses, but I'm keeping my cool I take a cigarette break to get a chance to talk Oh baby it's way too busy here, we gotta sneak out for a walk And now we're debating about the diamonds in the sky I ain't got much time but I know I gotta try Your man is lookin' for you and time is rushing me Oh baby, the way you smile, I think you like my company I'm jotting down your number and you kiss me on the cheek But I know there's someone trying to stop my lucky streak!
Sweet certainty Come comfort me You've always been so elusive My good peace of mind Will you be so kind And stay a little longer this time? Sweet certainty Why won't you let me see Right through the shadow of doubt? My true inner voice Leaves me no choice So distant and drowning in noise The ground beneath my feet Never been too stable I'm tryin' to take a step, but I'm sinking in I thought I'm self-aware But I'm oblivious to so much more I try to walk the line, but I'm slippin' down Sweet certainty Come back to me I never felt so confused My good sanity Don't you give up on me Cause I ain't giving up on you
The Morning 03:10
Light of an early morning Shine on my empty bed Light of an early morning Shine on my empty bed I miss my babe I miss my babe But now she's gone, she's really gone Sound of her lovely voice Ringin' in my head Sound of her lovely voice Is ringin' in my head Well I miss my babe I miss my babe But now she's gone, she's really gone Smell of her sweet perfume Lingerin' in my room Smell of her sweet perfume Lingerin' in my room Well I miss my babe I miss my babe But now she's gone, she's really gone Glitter of the beacon lights Dancing around my yard Glitter of the beacon lights Dancing around my yard Well I'll join my babe I'll join my babe Let me get my gun, and it won't be long


"Going Away" to trzecia płyta w dorobku Kraków Street Band, oparta w całości na autorskim materiale. Składa się na nią 11 żywych, bezpretensjonalnych piosenek, zgrabnie balansujących między nowoczesnym folkiem, jazzem i bluesem. Pięknie brzmiące pomieszczenia studyjne Radia Kraków pozwoliły uchwycić niuanse w muzyce 9-osobowego składu, która od czasu ulicznych początków nabrała rumieńców i treści.

"Going Away" is Krakow Street Band's third album, based entirely on original material. It consists of 11 lively but unpretentious songs, neatly balancing between contemporary folk, jazz and blues. The beautiful acoustics of Radio Kraków's studio allowed to capture nuance in the music of this 9-piece ensemble, which has evolved quite a bit since their street beginnings.


released June 4, 2018

Łukasz Wiśniewski - vocals
Tomasz Kruk - dobro guitar
Marcin Hilarowicz - acoustic guitar
Miłosz Skwirut - double bass
Adam Partyka - drums, tank drum
Tomasz Drabik - saxophone
Wojciech Szela - trumpet
Piotr Żelasko - trombone

Lyrics: Tomek Kruk
Music: Kraków Street Band

Grzegorz Dąbek, Studio S-4 i S-5 Radio Kraków, 19.02.2018 – 10.14.2018
Krzysztof Murawski, La Grunge Studio, Orla
Richard Addison, Trillium Sound Mastering, Montreal, Kanada
Staszek Sokołowski
Krystian Aparta, Karl Culley
Katarzyna Romanek, Krystian Aparta
Mediapixel, Kraków


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Kraków Street Band Kraków, Poland

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